Nilar Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd.

Nilar Pulp & Paper

Established in 2003, the family-owned Nilar Pulp and Paper (NPP) is one and only rice straw pulp manufacturer in Myanmar. We believe in creating long-term value for our company, customers and business partners. Our nearly 250 employees are guided by Market Based Management principles, which are based on integrity and compliance. These principles challenge us to achieve world-class excellence by constantly finding new and better ways to manufacture products and support the needs of our customers.

NPP has been constantly creating value in a highly capital intensive and cyclical business, where volume is traditionally considered as Key profit driver. Most companies concentrated on increasing capacity, NPP responded with a Quality driven strategy, with customer at its heart.

The company is managed by a competent team of professionals in all the relevant fields like Process, Pulp Technology, Engineering, Finance, Business Management and Human Resource.
The Company assigns great importance to its Human Capital Development and has been managing Training of its professionals by sending them to Training Programs / Exhibitions / Courses.

Our vision is to become a leading and respected global pulp company that provides superior values to our customers, community, employees and shareholders - responsibly and sustainable. The original objectives of producing a pulp from rice straw having dissolving-grade properties has been achieved. So using agricultural fibers such as Rice straw as raw materials may have less impact on the environment than these other options. The use of rice straw for other used for pulp production to obtain more added value goods from agricultural remnant.


When accuracy is the trademark of our product, quality is central to our culture. For us quality extends beyond accuracy and into every facet of our business. Quality is being focused on our clients' needs and undertaking constant critical appraisal of our processes.

We work daily to identify and implement incremental improvements. These give us the insight to find points of innovation that deliver us, and our clients, regular step improvements. We find that it has been the constant addition of small refinements as much as the major leaps that have kept us in our field.

Our efforts are to have the best quality for our products and services to always, without fail, meet our clients' specified needs and expectations for accuracy, value, timely delivery and communications.


We are committed to providing a workplace free from injury or work related ill health for our employees. We have been able to maintain our high level of workplace safety by incorporating a series of effective practices. We ensure that all of our staff recognizes that communication and consultation on safety issues and improvement opportunities is vital to their safety and NPP overall safety performance. We provide our employees with all of the safety information, instruction, training, equipment and supervision that is required to perform their duties safely. We document the responsibilities and expectations for safety across all positions within NPP and we ensure all employees implement a hazard identification and risk management approach to all of their work activities as the key strategy for preventing work place safety incidents. NPP is a smoke free workplace. We work to maintain a workplace that is also free from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol.


NPP is committed to operating in an ecologically sustainable manner, delivering environmental best practice, and providing continual improvement of our environmental performance by setting objectives, measuring progress and communicating results.

We aim to deliver environmental best practices in our work and operate in an ecologically sustainable manner. Our environmental performance, like all of our processes, undergoes continuous improvement. We have regularly updated objectives, we measure our progress against those objectives, and communicate the results.

Any of our activities that have an environmental impact and are within our control are managed to conserve resources, reduce waste and eliminate or minimize adverse environmental effects and risks. We comply with applicable National and State environmental legislation and regulations, other statutory obligations, and relevant codes of practice. We identify, promote, and strive to achieve, best practice in environmental management. We also provide an environmentally sound workplace and work to increase our range of environmentally sound work practices.